Vacant positions

All our vacant positions are advertised and we are unable to respond to unsolicited applications.

If you are interested in working at the European School Copenhagen, please see our vacancies below. All our vacant positions are also advertised on the Municipality of Copenhagen job portal.

Your application should as a minimum include a CV and cover letter and must be submitted online via the link  in the job ad (click “Søg stillingen”). When you submit your application, you will need to answer some standard questions in Danish. To help you answer these, we have provided an English translation of the questions here.

If you have any questions regarding the advertised positions, please email us or call the school at +45 3614 0190.


Cleaner/rengøringsassistent – application deadline 22 May 2019

Classroom teacher for new French language section – application deadline 23 May 2019 

Genopslag: lærer til Europaskolen 6.-7. klasse – matematik samt kombinationsfag af kemi/fysik/biologi og geografi/historie – application deadline 29 May 2019

Genopslag: dansklærer til Europaskolen 6.-7. klasse – application deadline 29 May 2019

Uddannet medhjælper til Europaskolen – application deadline 29 May 2019