Subjects in upper secondary

Design your own programme of study

At the European School Copenhagen, you can combine subjects to create your own programme of study. We have fewer compulsory subjects than in a Danish gymnasium, and you don’t have to decide your subjects until you have completed the first year. You also have greater freedom to combine subjects according to your interests, as you don’t have to commit yourself to one subject area.


Organisation of studies

1.g to 3.g at a Danish gymnasium are known as secondary 5 to 7 at the European School Copenhagen. In secondary 5, you have a number of compulsory subjects and only a few complementary subject options. After secondary 5, you must choose which of your subjects you wish to continue at an advanced level and which new subjects you wish to take. All subjects chosen will run over a course of two years from secondary 6 to 7. Some of the compulsory subjects run for all three years, e.g. English if you’ve chosen the English language section or Danish if you’ve chosen the Danish language section.

The subject options will depend on the language section you choose. Therefore, to see a list of compulsory and complementary subjects, please click either English or Danish language section.


Study guidance

If admitted to Secondary 5, we will invite you to an introduction meeting where you will receive guidance about subject choices in Secondary 5 and how to prepare you for your choices in Secondary 6 and 7.