Student life

Shape the social life

The Upper Secondary (Gymnasium) department at the school only opened in August 2020. This means you have a unique chance to help create new traditions and organise school parties and many other events! There will also be opportunities to participate in social activities, including sports day, parties and cafés, with students from nearby Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, and we will provide plenty of occasions for mixing and integrating across the classes with an exciting introduction programme and a study trip abroad in Secondary 6 (2.g).

Influence the debate

Upper secondary will have its own student council with representatives from each class. The purpose of the student council is to give the students a voice and a forum for discussing the issues that affect their life at the school, including the learning environment and social life. Students can develop their leadership and team work skills by organising school activities and events that contribute to a sense of community and identity.

Travel and learn

Our students will gain experiences and learn about different cultures and ways of living through travel and sharing ideas with other students in Denmark and abroad. In Secondary 6, we organise a study trip abroad and there will also be opportunities for student exchange with other European Schools.

Make a difference

We believe it’s important that our students become responsible global citizens. Therefore, we actively encourage our students to get involved in charitable causes and participate in events that promote democracy and discussion of current issues.

In collaboration with the European Environment Agency (EEA), we will organise projects and theme days on the environment and sustainability. We also plan to participate in Model European Parliament, where high school students in the EU can develop their understanding of the EU institutions and common issues.


Photos: Ulrik Brasch and Andrea Hoffmann