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Covid-19 information

Covid information updated 28th February 2022

Back to a normal school day

Corona is not over yet, but restrictions have been lifted and we can return to a more normal school day.

This means that as of Tuesday 1st February all teaching and schedules as well as social and educational events (assemblies and theme weeks etc.) will revert to normal.  Normal after school care activities will also resume from the 7th February.

NB! Please note that Corona cases are still high among students and staff and we therefore have a higher rate of absence of teachers and pedagogues.

Corona test at school and at home

  • From week 9 weekly tests will no longer be offered to students at school and self/home tests will also no longer be handed out.

Cases of infection

  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you must stay home until you no longer have symptoms, but always at least 4 days from the first positive test.

  • Common symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, occasional coughing without a general feeling of illness do not require isolation beyond the four days.

Other contacts (e.g. students and teachers)

  • If there has been a case of corona in the class, fellow students and teachers will be considered as “other” contacts and should be tested three days after the infected person was tested positive for the first time. These rules apply regardless of vaccination status. You are only exempt from test if you have been infected within the last 12 weeks.

Close contacts (members of the same household as the infected person for example)

  • If you have been in close contact (e.g. you live together) with an infected person, you should be tested three days after the infected person was tested positive for the first time.

  • There is no longer a requirement for you to self-isolate.

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