Admission to new classes in the coming school year
Apply now for our new Secondary 1 class (6. klasse) in the Danish language section

Do you like learning languages and would you like to be a part of an international school environment with high academic standards and a focus on student well-being? Then our new secondary 1 class (6. klasse) may be of interest to you.

About the class

Our new S1 class, opening in August 2022, is a Danish language section class with Danish as the primary language of instruction in all non-language subjects. This class is for Danish mother tongue students and bilingual Danish/French speaking students. For language 1/mother tongue lessons, Danish mother tongue students have Danish, while bilingual Danish/French students can choose between Danish or French. The students can choose English, French or German for their L2/second language, and English, French, German or Danish for their L3/third language. From secondary 3 (8.klasse) onwards, the students start receiving instruction in their L2/second language in a few of their subjects (e.g. human science, geography and history). Students in the European schools therefore develop very strong language skills.

About the school

At the European School Copenhagen you have a unique opportunity to get a multicultural and multilingual education with other internationally-minded children. The European School Copenhagen is an accredited school under the internationally recognised system of European Schools, which are known for their high academic standards and a declared mission to build bridges between cultures – not least through the knowledge of foreign languages. Besides high academic standards, there is also a strong focus on student wellbeing and the development of social competencies.

The school is funded by the City of Copenhagen and is therefore free of charge.


Applicants must be fluent in Danish and minimum 11 years of age (born before 1/10/2011). We close for admission when the class is full and therefore recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

For more information, please call our administration on +45 3614 0190.

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