Upper secondary admission
Admission criteria for the English language section

Admission criteria

The following admission criteria have been set by the Copenhagen City Council:

  • You have passed 9-10 years of schooling starting from nursery class (age 5) and have passed a GCTS exam or equivalent (passed 9th grade). Please note that the secondary levels vary from country to country, but in the European School system you should be at least 15 years old to be qualified for Secondary 5. Applicants from other European Schools are qualified if they have been promoted to Secondary 5 in the English Language Section. They should, though, still take the admission screening as other applicants (see below).
  • You have obtained a B1-B2 level (CEFR-scale) in the language you have chosen as your first foreign language (French/German) with a passing grade.

The admission is furthermore based on a written admission screening in English, your first foreign language (French/German) and math. Applicants from The European Environment Agency (EEA) or other EU-institutions are not required to take a screening since they are guaranteed a place at the school.

Students that can document at least two of the following six bullets will be screened first:

  • You have attended a French or a German schooling program for at least five months within the last five years.
  • You have attended a bilingual school in Denmark where some of your subjects other than language courses have been taught in either French or German.
  • You have lived in a French or a German speaking country.
  • You have attended a school with an European profile or have been enrolled in a summer school program, where you have taken German or French and/or have participated in sports or leisure activities in German or French.
  • You have obtained the grade C (or more) in French or German (B1B2-level).
  • You have a French or German speaking parent and the language has been anchored in your everyday life.

Please note, that there is a restricted number of places in the class and you are not guaranteed a place at the school.

Evaluation of the application:

The admission will be based on an overall evaluation of the applicant’s level of English, the level of the applicant’s first foreign language (French/German), general competences and the written test. The class formation can also be considered. The final decision will be taken by the European School Copenhagen’s admission committee. The admission committee is the Principal of the European School Copenhagen and a representative from the Municipality of Copenhagen. None of the members of the admission committee have been a part of the screening process.



Please submit the following documentation with your application:

  • Documentation for GCTS exam or similar – an official statement and transcript from your school
  • A short motivation (why you are applying for the European School Copenhagen) – max. 500 words

In order to be selected for screening first, please also provide documentation for minimum two out of the six bullets listed above. See requirements below.

  • Documentation for bullets 1, 2, 4 and 5: Official documentation from the school
  • Documentation for bullet 3: E.g. a visa, statement from school, pre-school or other official authority
  • Documentation for bullet 6: Provide a short explanation of how you use the language in your everyday life.