The European School Copenhagen is a publicly funded international school under the Municipality of Copenhagen and the education is therefore free.


The school does not keep a waiting list but admits pupils based on a set of criteria set by the Municipality of Copenhagen and a language screening. Admission is always dependent upon available spaces.


The school primarily admits pupils to the new nursery classes opening each August. While we grow the school, we also invite applications to new classes in the secondary school. It is also possible to apply for admission in one of our established Primary and Secondary classes in case spaces become available.


> Click here to see a list of our current classes by language section and year level and the new classes opening in the coming school year. 

Admission to new classes in 2022/23

In 2022/23, we will open three new nursery classes (Danish, English and French language sections), one new secondary 1 class (Danish language section with option of L1 French) and three new secondary 5 classes (English and Danish language sections). Applications are still open for S1 and S5. 

Admission to our established classes in 2021/22

You can apply for ‘rolling admission’ in one of our established classes in case a space becomes available during the school year. Applications are assessed in December and May subject to availability of places.

More information

You can read more about the process and criteria for admission under each educational cycle.