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Cookie policy

We gather information about your visits by using cookies to improve the user experience and to show e.g. interactive maps and use self-service solutions.

This website uses cookies

Cookies are used on almost every website and in some instances, cookies are the only way to get a website to function properly.

Types of cookies

The City of Copenhagen uses three types of cookies in collaboration with several system suppliers, and we have a data processor agreement with all of them on safe use of data, including cookies.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies activate basic functions such as the ability to decline cookies and access to secure content. These can therefore not be turned off.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies make it possible to show e.g. interactive maps, forms, videos, or other font sizes, or remember what a user does during a visit to the website (e.g. creating a profile, filling out a form, or remembering choice of language). On certain sites (e.g. NemID or contact sites for citizen service) we use cookies to activate a Link-Bot, which provides the citizen with a better service. When we link to videos on YouTube, the cookies from the provider of the video will not be placed before you play the video.

Statistical cookies

Statistical cookies make it possible to gather anonymous information on the users to analyze which sites and services that are used on our websites. We do this to tailor our content and to improve the user experience. We use Siteimprove as our statistical system and Userindex for surveys.

External links on the website

When we link to other websites, e.g. SKAT, JobNet or state agencies, then these will have their own cookie policies and cookie banners, where you can decide what cookies to agree to there.