Organisationally, the European School Copenhagen is a division of the internationally renowned Sankt Annæ Gymnasium (SAG), with a shared board and principal. Day to day operations at the European School Copenhagen are overseen by its own management with reference to the principal of SAG, Anette Holst.

With its unique musical environment and strong academic position as Denmark’s only combined Primary and Secondary School, SAG will ensure that the European School Copenhagen is solidly anchored in the Danish educational system.

Vision, mission and values

The vision of the European School Copenhagen has been developed together with Sankt Annæ Gymnasium:

We educate to instil insight and a global mindset.

We create the future voices of the world. 

The school’s values – Respect, Commitment, Collaboration, Responsibility, Curiosity and Empathy – were developed in a consultative process, including staff, parents, pupils and the school’s Board.

Read the Vision, Mission and Values Statement.


In October 2018, the European School Copenhagen moved into a brand new state-of-the-art school building in the Carlsberg City district in Copenhagen.

The new school building was constructed by BAM Denmark in cooperation with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Nord Architects and the consulting engineers EKJ. Interior design by JJW Architects. The project was financed by the City of Copenhagen, Realdania, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Nordea Foundation and the Danish Industry Foundation.


Copenhagen is a dynamic and growing city which needs to attract and retain a specialised international workforce.

The City of Copenhagen established the European School Copenhagen in 2014 to provide more international school places in Copenhagen. It was furthermore established to give opportunities for a broader group of international employees and parents wanting to offer their children an international schooling without having to pay the relatively high cost of the existing international schools in the greater Copenhagen Area.

Official Documents

European School Accreditation

Accreditation Renewal Agreement 2018

Quality Report

The school’s Quality Report is completed in cooperation with, and for, the administration in the City of Copenhagen.

Quality Report 2017

National Examination on the Wellbeing of Pupils

In Denmark, obligatory national examinations on the well-being of pupils are carried out yearly – at the European School Copenhagen only in the Danish section. You can see the yearly reports in Danish here.

School Report 2015-16

Anti-Bullying Policy

The European School Copenhagen is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for all pupils and staff.

Anti-Bullying Policy