After school care

The European School Copenhagen offers its own after school care. 

All children in nursery class and primary 1-3 gradee at the European School are entitled to a space in the after school care. The opening hours are 06.30-17.00. 

During the school year 2017/18, the school will also offer after school club for the primary 4 grade children, with activities more minded towards the older children.

If you wish to know more about the after school care programme, please contact Head of After School Care Uri Harlam, email:

To contact the after school care, please call +45 24913687 between the hours 14:00-17:00.

School Lunch

The school is currently working with the Municipality of Copenhagen to be able to offer a school lunch programme called EAT, while the school is co-located at Kirsebærhavens Skole.

EAT provides healthy and mostly organic food. The menu is varied with both Nordic and international food, vegetarian and halal options.

The food is prepared in the Municipality’s EAT kitchen and sent to the school the day it is produced. The food is then refrigerated overnight and heated and served to the pupils the next day.

The older pupils help serve the lunch to the younger pupils, thereby learning about the food and the importance of helping others. You can read more about the EAT lunch programme here.

When the school moves to its new school building in the Carlsberg City district, the school will have its own canteen and the children will be involved in the preparation of the food and learning about healthy eating.